Lunch Entrees

Served with soup and rice

*Sashimi Lunch
Tuna, salmon, white fish, yellow tail and octopus.
*Sushi/Sashimi Comb California roll, tuna and salmon sushi,  tuna, salmon and white fish sashimi. 16.95
Chicken Teriyaki 8.95
Skinless Chicken Teriyaki 10.95
Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura
3 shrimp and vegetables
Vegetable Tempura 8.95
Chicken Teriyaki / Tempura Combo
Chicken teriyaki and shrimp & vegetable
*Sushi and Chicken Teriyaki
3 pieces of California roll, tuna, salmon, white fish and chicken teriyaki
Vegetable Sushi / Tempura Combo
6 pieces each of cucumber roll, and asparagus roll with vegetable tempura
Tonkatsu Fried breaded Pork/Chicken Katsu Fried breaded chicken 10.95
*Sushi/Tempura Comb
3 Pieces of California roll, one each of tuna, salmon, white fish, sushi with shrimp & vegetable tempura
Salmon Teriyaki 12.95
Beef Teriyaki 12.95
Tofu Teriyaki 9.95

*Raw fish